Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. ... Put all this together and Vinyasa, is a breath initiated practice, that connects every action of our life with the intention of moving towards what is sacred, or most important to us. All Levels are Welcome


Yoga with weights is a complete, total body workout. This class tones, sculpts and lengthens every major muscle group in the body. Using small dumbbells for specific Asanas, which will also assist you to move deeper into each pose.


Who said you can’t have fun in yoga? Let's turn up the heat and press down with the beat!

Dynamic flow is the practice of attaching breath to movement and postures in a flowing, dynamic rhythm. This class will work on bringing focus to your breath, before transitioning into a flowing dynamic sequence that is intelligently put together to lead you into arm balances and inversions before bringing you back down to juicy Savasana.


This class will work you hard to get you into poses you never thought possible, but it is suitable for all level as variations will always be given.




Pranayama Classes. One of the most important elements of yoga is our breath. ... Advanced Breath Meditation with Harshada Wagner: Pranayama is the art of using the breath to heal the body and quiet the mind. In this 45 minute session, Harshada guides a simple but powerful sequence of deep breathing exercises.


In this program you will build up to 3 key arm balance poses - Crow, Handstand and Flying Crow Pose. Work on your core, arm strength and flexibility.. all necessary ingredients for these poses. Suitable for all levels: even if you don't come into the full pose you will learn techniques to help your whole yoga practice.


Hot Hatha will focus on the breath whilst building your strength and balance ability. In this Class you will sweat out toxins from the body, whilst flowing through sequences, holding poses as you come down to a nice relaxation to end your session.


Hot Barre is a dynamic ballet fusion of body sculpting barre work, and non-impact cardio designed for developing long and lean muscles. This hour-long class is packed with exercises that sculpt the buttocks, abdominals, thighs, and arms.

The class is filled with strengthening postures at the barre, working the legs and abdominals, fused with yoga postures. It will also improve your posture and form a sculpted physique. Hot barre is an all level class, practiced in a room heated to 39 degrees.


Yin or Restorative Yoga, holds postures for longer periods, calming the mind and body and also promoting deeper relaxation, as the muscles tend to respond better to long periods in a stretched position, as the parasympathetic nervous system is triggered more effectively.


This Style of Yoga is ideal for: Back neck & spinal health, core strength, relaxation, fitness, boosting your immune system, hormonal balance and caters for all levels.


Samadhi Flow strengthens and tones your body, but at the same time the movement feels so good and comes so naturally that you flow into a meditative state, a higher consciousness, bliss...


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