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Feel the Hype with us on Skype.

Practice with Us Online.

Step 1.

Book in as normal.

Step 2.

Download the Skype app (its free) for your phone, computer, tablet or laptop.

(The bigger the screen the bigger the teacher will appear on your screen for a more clear visual)

Step 3.

Once you have booked on to class you will receive a text from us with detailed instructions on how to connect with us via Skype.

Step 4.

We will add you to our Skype group 5minutes before the session begins.

(you will the be asked to mute your Skype so there are no disturbances during your practice).

Please note: The option is there to have your camera ON/OFF

If your not too shy you will benefit more if you leave your camera on as the teacher will be able to see you and advise any amendments or modifications and check your alignment.

Create Your space

+ What Equipment do i need to join a live session?

+ Setting Your Space Up

How To book with us!

+ How Do I Book into a class?

+ How Much Does a Live Class Cost?

We look forward to continuing our practice with you, Let's Yoga our way through this.

 Lets create some magic on the mat.

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