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Cardiovascular Problems and Poor Peripheral Circulation

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Doing the yoga in the heated room increases your cardiac output and stroke volume. This means that the efficiency of your heart and the amount it pumps increases. The effects start to kick in from the first class. Luckily it is not all-hard work for the entire 60 minutes (although it can feel that way).

The pose sequence is broken up by the shavasana pose which not only provides rest and restoration of energy but flushes and cleanses the circulation allowing it to reach stagnant areas.

If you have labile (changeable) hypertension or cardiovascular conditions that are not controlled by diet, lifestyle or medication then it is advisable to enter backbends with caution.

Begin with gentle backbends and avoid the full pose as you allow yourself a process of discovery and gradual opening. These are incredible heart opening poses – literally. They facilitate a growing of the chest and stretch of most important muscle. Take it easy. Breathe.

In backbends there is the potential to feel rather vulnerable because you are not acting in a way that protects your chest and organs. It is an innate reaction to act to protect it. If you are not feeling safe then you may feel like exiting the pose early. You will learn over time to breathe through the intensity of each pose at the same time as preserving all the basic alignment principles.

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