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Case Study - Depression

I have a persistent type of depression that comes back repeatedly. Before hot yoga became a regular feature in my life, I felt too tired, too fat and too sad to try anything. This isn’t being lazy; it’s the nature of depression – it is simply feeling too tired to leave the house. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to go out, I just can’t get my body to do it. It was going to be interesting to see how my depression would be impacted by hot yoga. Over the course of a month I have tried dynamic flow, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, gentle yoga and rocket yoga.

Grace Lounge is a peaceful and tranquil environment, with an extremely relaxing ambiance – I feel more relaxed before classes even start. At the start of the month I was wanting to stay at home, to build a den with my duvet climb in, hide and eat chocolate. In those early days I was dragging myself to class and flopping on the mat, exhausted before I had even begun. However, it wasn’t long until I began to see results; even after only a week I was feeling alive, invigorated and like I had achieved something. I was still suffering but something was shifting.

The teacher’s patience and the Grace Lounge environment made me push to return to class week after week. At times it felt impossible to leave my house, but I knew that Hot Yoga would leave me feeling sensational! By the end of the second week I felt truly healed. Not only did yoga leave me feeling gently invigorated after class, but also that feeling lasted well into the next days. Half way through the month I feel a little taller and a little thinner. My eating choices are better and I feel like I am worthy of some good food, love and compassion.

Some days it is harder on the mat than others, and one day I noticed I was feeling unbalanced during class and didn’t feel as strong as usual. Rather than berate myself, as I would have done previously, I am learning to listen to my body and discover what its limits are. Now we are towards the end of the month, and whilst I still get tired and irritable, it is not such an effort to get myself to class. In fact, I anticipate feeling amazing after hot yoga.

Grace Lounge is fostering a love of hot yoga in me that I cannot do without. I feel stronger than a month ago, more alive than ever and like I am achieving something worthwhile. Most priceless of all it brings me peace in a frantic world and helps me manage my depression symptoms so the episodes don’t become debilitating.

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