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Case Study - Psoriatic Arthritis

After having a baby in September 2016, was I very eager to get back into fitness once I had the all clear.   Being diagnosed and dealing with Psoriatic arthritis the last 5 years, it was not as easy as I was hoping and thought Id give Hot Yoga a chance at Grace Lounge.  Contrary to belief, I was worried Id walk in there with my post baby body and feel judged and not part of the “Yogi” crowd.  I was greeted and made welcome from the first time and even though I felt apprehensive about being able to do yoga, not even mentioning it being HOT yoga!  It became evident from the first class that it wasn’t a competition and the only thing that mattered was me & my mat.

Before Grace Lounge, I was managing my pain with 1 -2 chiropractic and acupuncture treatments per month, bi -weekly massages and 800mg of painkillers 2 -4 times per day - just to get out of bed and being able to function with minimum movement.

The result being dealing with depression, aches and pains questioning if this is it?

Since Grace Lounge - It became evident from the first session that my mobility improved - I felt almost euphoric after my first couple of sessions.  I was pleasantly surprised when, within a couple of weeks, the amount of painkillers I took was halved.  I have not needed any chiropractic treatment or acupuncture since May 2017.  Some days I have bad days and I still experience “flare ups’ but not nearly as bad as they used to be.  I get myself to class - doesn’t matter how much pain I’m in, knowing it will benefit me and I’ll feel less pain soon after the infrared heat and yoga.  Some days I could barely do any of poses -  there was no judgement from the teachers or student, if anything, we all have a laugh when the downward dog ends up looking like a giraffe trying to have a drink!  Ultimately, it is my practise to do to my strength and weaknesses on that day.

I barely take any painkillers and my mental health is back to where it was prior to my diagnosis.  Grace Lounge, their teachers and the owners truly saved my life, family relationships and mental health.

Always thankful and never stop practicing…



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