• Grace White

Finding Balance in Your Life

Yoga isn’t just about developing an ability to balance on the mat. Postures such as Tree Pose can help us reach beneficial levels of equilibrium in life. As I trace my own journey with this pose, I see how much it has taught me.

At the beginning, I was far more focused on how much ‘better’ everyone else in the class was doing it. I was wobbling and toppling while everyone else appeared rooted and still.

Here’s the thing, balance cannot come if we hold our mind in a state of comparison, because we have put our attention ‘out there’, measuring ourselves in a way that actively seeks disappointment.

It’s the same with life. How can we expect to live in a way that serves us if we are always comparing ourselves to what others are doing? The beauty of life is that it’s unique, with its own special purpose. We need to bring our attention within so that we can serve that purpose. Only when we focus on what we are truly capable of, and commit to that potential, can we create balance in our lives.

So, we start like Tree Pose with an awareness of the ultimate goal, taking manageable steps to achieve that. We notice if our eyes are focusing on the peripheral stillness of others, or whether we have managed to successfully lock into our own Drishti.

We listen to our thoughts, the mental chatter that says, ‘I’m no good at balancing’, or the fear of the wobble. We find a place of comfort. Perhaps this is to bring the foot against the ankle of the standing leg, so that the pose feels simple, for now. This can enable us to bring our attention within, where we can work on our breathing. Each time, we stretch our lungs our confidence and energy grows; we cultivate the belief that we can do this and we think of the ultimate goal with joy, knowing that one day we will own it.

And what of the balance in life? Are you wobbling from one task to another; constantly knocked off your standing leg, unable to find stillness? Where is your focus?

If we make our Drishti all of the things that need to be done, we only ever give ourselves a chance at feeling overwhelm.

The wobble in life is a reminder to bring attention within. Here, there is no place for comparison, because it is only us that we find there.


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