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Is your Mind a Bed to be Made and Remade?

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Have you found yourself in a place of indecision recently? Hot, then cold? Up, then down? Hmmm, I just don’t know…

What is it that would bring us back to that freshly made bed, tug off all the sheets, and start again? And, how can yoga help?

I’ve just changed the sequence of asanas and stretches that I run through first thing in the morning. Sometimes, when I update my routine, I may miss something out, and then later that morning I think, ‘oh, yeah, I forgot bridge pose today.’ After a while, the sequence becomes habit, which then enables a different kind of observation to take place. The moment, say, when I’m ten minutes in and already thinking about cutting the practice short because I’m tired, or that move is totally NOT my favourite one, right now.

Yoga is like that friend you can’t slip anything past – who always calls you out when you are talking crap.

Yeah, but what does all of this have to do with indecision, and how can yoga help?

When we chop and change our minds, we are running through a mental sequence. The more times we play this routine out, the more we train our minds to hesitate and teeter.

Does it serve you to remake the bed, over and over? So, why not change the sequence?

Yoga says, ‘stop, pause, breathe.’ Yoga is a practice that strengthens both the body and the mind. That moment, when you are in Chair Pose and your thighs are on fire, and your head is saying, ‘bloody hell, bloody, hell…’ and then you drop it, having the strength of awareness to take one long, deep breath. And then another.

Here, is where you teach yourself to take total control when those mental sequences have you in their grip.

It means that the next time you receive an email, asking for a decision, which triggers that habitual routine of, ‘oh god, I don’t know, it’s too overwhelming…’ you are able to ‘stop, pause, breathe’ and connect with your beautiful, kick-ass, inner yogi.

This is how yoga can help make the bed first time, and keep it made. By practicing one more breath at that moment in downward dog when your shoulders are yelling, you find the true depth of your strength, your unbelievable worth.

Yoga teaches you to hold your head higher, so that next time doubt creeps in you spot it right away, knowing there is no place in your routine for hesitation.

By Gabriela Blandy - Life Coach and Writer


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