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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Thinking of past events brings feelings of remorse, anger, frustration and guilt whereas thoughts of the future bring anxiety. Of course, there are positive past experiences but the mind tends to hang on to negative thoughts and experiences.

Also, our perception is coloured by our experiences, and there are five aspects to perception:

1. Comprehension: Understanding based on direct experience or reliable sources.

2. Misunderstanding: When logic fails and incorrect information dominates, we are unable to understand in depth what we see. This often occurs as a result of past experiences and conditioning.

3. Fantasy: Joyful or pleasurable fantasy or baseless fears, imaginings - leading in extreme cases to paranoia.

4. Sleep: When the mind is not in any of the first three states.

5. Memory: All conscious experiences leave an impression on the individual and are stored as memories. It is not possible to tell if a memory is true, false, incomplete or imaginary.

Knowledge of yoga can help relieve, direct us and give clarity of mind. It is the ultimate self-help. But first, we need to calm the mind, calm the system.

The first step in yoga practice is to link the mind and body through the breath, bringing awareness to what is happening body-mind complex to feel peace and generate positive emotions and enter a transformative period. With repeated practice and guidance, a yoga practice can bring long-term in the moment. Intense feelings and thoughts can be experienced and reduced in intensity as the mind becomes more still and calm and the body allows the sensations to pass. An experience of a deeper level of existence is possible allowing the relief and a fresh perspective on life for PTSD sufferers.

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