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The First Step to a New You

Hot yoga provides a full body workout from the inside out, engaging every cell, tissue, organ, muscle and ligament to improve both physical and mental strength. It balances, stretches and gives flexibility while increasing heart rate to deliver a cardiovascular workout too, reduces stress levels and higher your vibration.

The Grace Lounge hot yoga studio is warmed using the same technology that is used to heat baby incubators, an infrared, eco-friendly system, providing a hygienic, warm environment.

The idea behind the heat is that warm muscle stretches further with a reduced risk of injury and that as you sweat your body releases toxins. While your body fights to stay cool, your pulse rate increases resulting in more calories burnt.

Heat also causes your capillaries to dilate, which allows oxygen to be more effectively and evenly distributed to tissues, muscle glands and organs, to help remove more toxins from the body.

The new you is just one step away. Message and ask about our unlimited pass and other great offers.


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