• Grace White

The Importance of Showing Up

Showing up for yoga can be the most important part of the practice. I can see this clearly, when I reflect on my own journey over the years. At the beginning, I would take classes sporadically and rarely practice in between.

Did I feel good about this? No.

I accepted what I interpreted as ‘forgetfulness’ – the fact that at the end of a class I would say, ‘okay, this time I really am going to do some stretching before coming back next week.’ Then, suddenly, a week had gone by and I hadn’t practiced a single pose. But that was life, surely? I was just preoccupied.

I also accepted the times that I didn’t feel in the mood for class, and the incessant mind-chatter, which swung between saying I should go, and complaining I felt too tired. On and on, whilst lying on the sofa, feeling the rumblings of guilt and disappointment.

Did I feel good about this? No.

In my work as a Life Coach, I now know the ways our minds work. We continue in our habits, until we shift them. Often, we don’t even realise the ways we are training our mind. That’s why showing up for yoga is so powerful. It stops the cycle.

I’ve never regretted taking a yoga class, or getting my mat out at home to practise a few poses. In fact, I’ve always felt better. I can’t say the same for when I don’t show up. How about you? Are we ever delighted we didn’t make it to class and decided to lie on the sofa, eat ice-cream and watch trash TV, instead?

By missing a class, succumbing to the voice that says, ‘I’m not in the mood’, we are sending a subconscious signal to our brain that we don’t have the power to do what makes us feel good.

This is why, missing our practice, is never quite as satisfying as we’d hoped. Because, underneath, lies the truth that we don’t have it in us to truly take care of ourselves.

When we ‘show up’ we prove our resilience. We signal to the mind that we can put ourselves first. We retrain our habits to serve us entirely.

All it takes is one moment to unroll your mat on the sitting room floor and slip into child’s pose to experience the pride of showing up and the satisfied sigh of ‘that’s better’.

This means that next time the class feels impossible, we have the strength to say, ‘no matter how you feel now, if you show up, it’s only going to improve.’

By Gabriela Blandy - Writer and Life Coach

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