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Yoga for Weight Loss

I receive so many emails and questions about yoga and weight loss that I thought I'd take some time to answer them in this blog and give you some of my personal tips and tricks along the way!  

It's nothing to do with "weight"!

So how does Yoga affect weight loss or weight gain?   It can easily do BOTH.   It's nothing to do with weight it's all about SHAPE. Yoga improves your PHYSIOLOGY and improves your HEALTH  

Interesting facts about Yoga and "the lbs" 1. Yoga can easily build muscle bulk For the same volume of tissue, muscle weighs more than fat, which means you can lose shape and gain mass. Therefore your actual weight in lbs or Kg will increase - these are considered GOOD lbs!    2. Yoga helps break down stubborn or trapped fatty deposits

These may be in stiff joints (or even part of the cause of the stiffness)   Subcutaneous (under the skin) and lipid fats that get broken up with stretches and compression   Fat is easily "burned" from excess stored in tummies, hips, thighs and buttocks    3. Yoga helps you BALANCE your metabolism and restore "natural" metabolic functioning

You might gain or lose weight depending on your body's current needs.   4. Yoga creates SHAPELINESS

Most people want to lose weight for one reason - to look good! I'd agree that there is a strong second reason; to be healthier. But nothing succeeds like a goal that looks you in the mirror every day!

Yoga helps contour your body. I believe the heat in the hot yoga practice accelerates this massively.   Muscles become sleek and defined (but not bulky or wiry).

Fat re-distributes and burns up.   Your skin glows and pores open up and areflushed.   Yoga trains you to breathe more effectively. In yoga, your breath is your "Life Force" = Prana. More efficient and effective breathing brings more oxygenated blood to all parts of your body (and in turn helps release trapped waste materials - "toxins" etc.)  

Your circulation improves and the functioning of your extremities improves which again helps with the overall cleansing and "shaping up".   Your lymph system is more effectively used again helping to restore your body's natural cleansing mechanisms and flushing unwanted build-ups out of your system.   Want to find out more on how hot yoga can help with fat loss? Call us on 01722 23737 or email


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