Grace White is the creator and founder of Grace Lounge Hot yoga. After a personal situation, Grace was left with PTSD and was introduced to hot yoga in 2010 by a friend. 


From the very first hot yoga class Grace was hooked. Hot yoga helped Grace manage her PTSD and to live a much healthier lifestyle. Grace was elated by how hot yoga benefited her PTSD, and she wanted to help others and share hot yoga.


2010 a small vision started to manifest for Grace, and she knew she would open a hot studio. Unfortunately, life took Grace on another path, but she never let go of her dream of owning a hot yoga studio. In the meantime Grace researched the health benefits of hot yoga and as you can imagine the list was endless.


2016 Grace Lounge Hot Yoga was created from a blank canvas and opened to the public in September of that year. Grace has a bigger vision to open several more hot yoga studios in unique and beautiful places.


Grace Lounge has been an enormous benefit for the local community, and it will continue to deliver an exceptional hot yoga experience from start to finish.


Grace went to Vikasa in Koh Samui Thailand for five weeks to do her 200hr YTT with her teacher Kosta Miachin. Vikasa is a very spiritual place and shares a vibe that uplifts and makes you feel the love. Graces adventure to Vikasa was one she will never forget, and she met the most amazing teachers and friends. Some of Grace's teachers from Vikasa are coming to share their teachings at GL.


Grace is also apart of the Prison Project with James Fox, the founder from America. The Prison Project is for prisoners inside who want to practice yoga to help with their traumas and mindful awareness. Grace believes self-awareness is one of our tools for life, and it's important to share this to help rehabilitation while in prison. Why yoga In Prison? “The memory of trauma is imprinted on the human organism. I don’t think you can overcome it unless you learn to have a friendly relationship with your body. Learning a practice in prison for mindful awareness and embodiment is not only crucial for supporting behavioural rehabilitation but it also critical for the physical and emotional wellbeing.


Grace's dream is to keep sharing hot yoga to spread health and wellbeing.


Lauren is the manager of Grace Lounge and sister to Grace White the founder. Lauren has been involved in the creation of GL and has experienced the growth and family culture Grace has created for GL. Lauren is 30 years young and loves working at GL.


Lauren's passion for what is shared is second to none. Lauren is a big part of GL and is a great yoga teacher. Lauren practices Hot Barre, Yoga sculpt with weights and Hatha Yoga. Lauren always delivers a great class and you are guaranteed to feel worked and blissed out after leaving her class.


Beccy is a Yoga Alliance Registered yoga teacher who trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket with The Yoga People. With a focus on energetics rather than traditional alignment, all students are able to access the target areas of an asana to gain maximum benefits. This, in turn, empowers each student to explore and discover their own body.


Rocket Yoga is a fun and dynamic practice created by Larry Schultz. Created in the 1980s and rooted in Ashtanga, it is a playful and energetic practice, which encourages practitioners to keep a smooth rhythm of movement and breath. The Rocket sequence leaves you feeling lighter, stronger and more flexible thanks to the core strengtheners, backbends, hip openers and twists


Ella has been practising yoga and mindfulness since she was fourteen but took it up seriously in her second year of university. Yoga enabled Ella to find her center and from there she was fascinated with both its practice and theory.


Ella decided to take her yoga teacher training qualification in Hatha Yoga and even wrote her final year dissertation on Yoga’s transition into the West.


Since qualifying, she has been on a mindfulness course and intensives led by Laura Gilmore and Tias Little, in order to understand the teaching of yoga, its anatomy, and alignment on a deeper level. Ella believes that everyone can benefit from yoga, whatever level they choose to experience it at.


“Hatha is a gentle form of yoga, suitable for all levels, that involves some dynamic movement and also deep stretching. Uniting the breath and body Hatha is designed to both strengthen and relieve muscles while also helping to realign you both mentally and physically.”


Prie is a yoga teacher from Thailand and went in search of the way to cure his high blood pressure (Hypertension) and obesity. After he practised yoga the results were not only no more high blood pressure but a loss of 40 kilos of weight as well. A much better lifestyle and way of living both spiritual and physical body remained in their place. In addition, yoga became Prie’s passion and he loves to exchange and share this wonderful journey and

experience with everybody.


Yoga has taken him to the world capital of yoga Rishikesh, India where he qualified as a Yoga Teacher (Advanced Yoga Teacher, RYT 500) more over, in his own travel as self-discovery he also had wonderful opportunities to practice and share yoga with others in many countries around the globe.


Alicia was born in Spain and became a professional athlete at the age of 14. She began her yoga journey when she moved to the United States to earn her Bachelor Degree at the University of Miami. 


Alicia first turned to Yoga to recover from a serious physical injury she acquired during her career as a professional swimmer. Through yoga, she discovered how to connect and balance her mind, body and soul. She has been practicing and teaching around North America, Europe and Asia for over ten years. She is an experienced yoga teacher E-RYT 500 who has taught Yoga Teacher Training since 2015 in Thailand. She trained in various lineages and different schools in Thailand, India, Indonesia, Spain and USA; Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga, Akhanda Yoga, Vikasa Yoga, and Yin Yoga. Alicia has completed over 200 hours of Yin Yoga training with Yin Yoga Master Sarah Powers and Jamie Clarke (teaching assistant of Paul Grilley) and attended several anatomy and physiology training and workshops in different healing modalities


Alicia is also trained as a Reiki Master and Craniosacral Therapist under the Upledger Institute, allowing her a better understanding of the wholeness of our being. Her holistic approach enables her to work with the student as a whole, listening to every part of the being. Yoga enables Alicia to share methods, tools, and techniques to help one achieve a healthy, mindful and happy way of life.

Guest Teacher



At the age of eighteen, I had a calling. It was Yoga. I hadn't realised it at the time; but yoga was in my blood. My mother had showed me the art when I was just a kid; but after becoming a semi professional basketball player, qualified swimming teacher and a Radiographer; it was then that my passion for Yoga was fully realised. After studying a foundation yoga course at Vikasa Thailand and therapeutic yoga course in Bali I am now a 500 hour fully qualified Yoga teacher.


I believe Yoga can holistically improve one's health and wellbeing; specifically in self healing, improvement and overall empowerment. I seek to bring an easy going yet firm practice of Yoga; to which I look to impart into each and every one of my students. I look forward to teaching you all and imparting my passion into the world!


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